35. Auditor's remuneration

The total remuneration to Deloitte Accountants BV for the statutory audit of 2014 for the group amounted to €445,000 (2013: €445,000). The total service fees paid/payable to the Deloitte network amounted to €763,000 (2013: €935,000). Included in the total remuneration is an amount of €558,000 (2013: €578,000) invoiced by Deloitte Accountants BV, which includes an amount of €73,000 (2013: €73,000) for other statutory audits and €60,000 (2013: €60,000) for audit-related services. The service fees paid to the Deloitte Network included an amount of €117,000 (2013: €289,000) relating to tax services and €68,000 (2013: €68,000) relating to statutory audits. Details of the audit, audit-related and non-audit fees paid to Deloitte can also be found in the Audit Committee Report.