Legal and compliance risks

Intellectual property

We rely on a combination of trademarks, trade names, patents, confidentiality and non-disclosure clauses and agreements, copyrights and design rights to defend and protect our trade secrets, and rights to the intellectual property in our products.

We may be faced with claims that we have infringed the intellectual property rights or patents of others, which if successfully asserted against us may result in us being ordered to pay substantial damages or forced to stop or delay the development, manufacture or sale of infringing products. Any such outcome could have a material adverse effect on our financial condition, results of operations and liquidity. Furthermore, even if we were to prevail, any litigation could be costly and time-consuming.

Privacy of customer data

The focus of our business providing location-based products and services to individual customers, growing public awareness and increased scrutiny by regulatory authorities, means that compliance with privacy regulations and customer expectations is increasingly important in maintaining our competitive position.

While we anonymise the trace data we collect from our individual customers, and our privacy programme is designed to ensure TomTom's Privacy Principles are adhered to throughout our operations and in the design of our products and services, our reputation and brand may suffer if we fail to comply with privacy regulations or otherwise fail to meet our customers' expectations in relation to privacy matters.

Information security

Our business operations and reputation are substantially dependent on our ability to maintain confidentiality, integrity and availability over information regarding customers, employees, suppliers, proprietary technologies, intellectual property and business processes. Our information security programme requires that we deploy and maintain information security controls, processes and tools in our operations and products using a risk-based approach. However, the volume and sophistication of information security threats continue to grow. The leakage of confidential information, unauthorised use of our systems and networks or defective products could adversely affect our business and could have a material adverse effect on our financial conditions, results of operations and liquidity.