Human resources

Our goal is to employ highly talented people who are fully engaged in our business and who deliver high levels of personal performance at work. TomTom employs more than 4,000 people across 54 locations in 37 countries. Our HR Team is responsible for the development and delivery of all initiatives to retain talented employees and attract new talent to the company. TomTom believes in fairness. Our employment policies provide equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social background, religion, disability or sexuality.

Employee engagement programme

TomTom currently operates several key employee initiatives within the company-wide global engagement programme. The initiatives within the programme are designed to ensure that we motivate and engage our employees. They include initiatives in career development, management and leadership, organisational effectiveness, workplace processes and policies, and compensation and benefits.

Career development

TomTom is committed to enabling our employees to develop their talents and realise their ambitions within the company. The career development initiatives aim to motivate and retain employees by providing them with career opportunities and development challenges. Over the past few years, we have created career tracks for our Engineering, Finance, Customer Care and Map Operations employees. In 2014, we worked on enhancing these career tracks. In 2014, we conducted a successful graduate programme with 10 top graduates from renowned universities. Their roles relate to Sales, Product Marketing, Product Management and UX Design. We also launched “Interns on Track”, a programme that aims to continuously attract and develop young talent and offer students from universities worldwide the opportunity to apply their learning. We have a company-wide talent management process including succession planning. Our succession planning approach helps management to identify and support a ready pipeline of talent that is capable of taking on challenging roles and management positions within the company in the future. In 2014, we introduced an additional process to succession planning that includes development assessments for potential successors in order to determine their readiness for their next career steps.

Management and leadership

We introduced a consistent approach to training our people managers three years ago. In 2014, we conducted training in the Netherlands and Poland, and over 240 managers have completed the programme to date. We continued the investment in our leadership development programme aimed at our executive level managers. The programme was developed in close cooperation with a global training provider, as well as a number of academics from a leading European business school. In 2014, we continued a training and development programme to assist the leaders of our Shared Services Units to support the business. Members of the IT, Finance, Legal and Human Resources teams have followed this programme. During 2014, we launched a Sales training and development programme for non-sales employees, with participants from the Engineering, Product Management, Product Marketing and Finance departments.

Organisational effectiveness

In 2014, we continued to focus attention on further improving the software development capabilities within our engineering teams. We also launched a global programme for Product Management. The programme targets hiring practices and internal development programmes. We have reorganised the group management structure to allow greater focus on the markets in which we operate and to secure our technology assets in dedicated organisational units. Finally, we completed the acquisition of businesses located in France and the Netherlands and continued to expand our Poland and India operations. In Pune, we now employ approximately 650 people. At the end of 2014, 28% of our employees were based in the Netherlands, compared to 31% at the end of 2013. In terms of employee statistics, we ended 2014 with 65% of our employees based in EMEA, 24% in APAC and 11% in the Americas. These figures exclude interns. In terms of gender diversity, 29% of our workforce is female and 71% is male. For management roles, 26% of middle management (defined as up to Director level) is female, 29% of Executive Management is female, and of the three members of our Management Board one is female.

Workplace processes and policies

As a company, we believe that our work processes and employment policies should enable employees to work effectively with minimal bureaucracy. During 2014, we continued to monitor and where necessary amend employment policies and work processes. We improved reporting tools for line managers, including detailed information on both their permanent and contingent workforces. In 2014, we introduced easier processes for people managers through user-friendly self-service functions.

Compensation and benefits

Our remuneration strategy is key for attracting and retaining talent. We aim to provide fair, competitive and responsible compensation for each of our employees. Our performance-related bonus plan, which rewards company performance and individual performance, was introduced in 2009. The bonuses paid as a percentage of base pay vary according to the job grade and reflect the level of influence of each role in the execution of TomTom's strategy.

Our performance-related bonus plan is in line with TomTom's vision, which is that success for our business should also mean success for the individual employee.

Long-term incentives are part of our remuneration policy, for both the Management Board and our employees. They are intended to attract and retain key talent to the company. Our long-term incentive programmes include phantom stock, along with stock options and restricted stock, which are offered to selected key talents. All of our long-term incentive programmes have a vesting period of three years.

In terms of employee benefits, TomTom is committed to offering all employees secure pension, health and disability cover. Accordingly, our benefit programmes focus primarily on these aspects. Next to these important benefit programmes, we also offer a product discount programme worldwide as part of our benefits package to encourage ownership of TomTom products.