The Supervisory Board of TomTom consists of seven members. At the 2014 General Meeting, Karel Vuursteen (former Chairman) and Rob van den Bergh stepped down from the Supervisory Board and the two new Supervisory Board members Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker and Anita Elberse were appointed. The Supervisory Board resolved to appoint Peter Wakkie as its new Chairman.

The term of Doug Dunn will expire at the 2015 General Meeting, by which time he will have served for ten years on the Supervisory Board. At this meeting, Doug Dunn will be nominated for reappointment for a term of a further two years. He will then have served a total of twelve years, the maximum term according to best practice provision III.3.5 of the Corporate Governance Code (the Code).

The Supervisory Board confirms that six of its members are independent as meant within the terms of best practice provision III.2.2 of the Code. Toine van Laack does not qualify as independent, as he is a board member of Janivo Holding BV, which is indirectly related to the substantial shareholder of the company Flevo Deelnemingen IV BV.

The composition of the Supervisory Board is in line with the Supervisory Board profile, as drawn up by the Supervisory Board and published on the company's website, in terms of experience, expertise, nationality, gender and age. According to the Act on Management and Supervision (Wet Bestuur en Toezicht), a proper composition of the Supervisory Board means that at least 30% of the members should be female. With the appointment of the two new members of the Supervisory Board at the 2014 General Meeting, two out of seven Supervisory Board members (29%) is female. No member of the Supervisory Board holds more than five directorships at Dutch 'large companies'.  

Biographies of the members of the Supervisory Board, as well as the information as prescribed by provision III.1.3 of the Code can be found at the start of this report. This section also provides details on the committees of the Supervisory Board.