Outlook 2015

The Supervisory Board does not intend to change the Remuneration Policy in the foreseeable future.

A remuneration benchmark against TomTom's peer group shall be performed in the course of 2015 to assess the appropriateness of the base salary of the members of the Management Board. The outcome of this benchmark may have an impact on the base salaries of the Management Board members. In any event, an indexation of 2.7% of the salaries of all members of the Management Board shall take place in 2015.

For the short-term incentive scheme of 2015, the Supervisory Board feels it is appropriate to apply KPIs and weighting that measure the company's strategy in consideration of its financial position. Given the focus on revenue growth and considering the company's current financial position, the Supervisory Board decided to remove the cash flow KPI for 2015. As such, the two performance criteria will be a revenue KPI weighted at 50% and an EBIT KPI also weighted at 50%. These KPIs fully align with the KPIs set for the employee annual bonus plan.  

The Supervisory Board is of the opinion that the unconditional Management Board Option Plan is appropriate and corresponds with the company's long-term focus on growth.

To align the company's contribution to the private pension plan of Alain De Taeye with competitive market levels, the Supervisory Board decided to increase the contribution from 10% to 20% of the annual base salary. This means that both members of the Management Board who benefit from the company's contribution to their respective private pension plans receive the maximum contribution as provided for in the Remuneration Policy.