Committee activities

At the beginning of the year the HR strategy within the company was shared with the Committee, and quarterly updates were provided by the SVP Global HR. Topics that were shared in this respect with the Committee were initiatives concerning career development, management and leadership, and compensation and benefits. These initiatives all underpin the company's efforts in the area of talent management, with the aim to attract, retain and develop talent.

The Committee focused on the company's progress on its succession planning for key positions within the company. On a quarterly basis, the Committee was given an update on the recruitment status of vacant key positions in senior management. An annual update was provided on TomTom's Diversity Programme.

The Committee rules were reviewed and discussed and textual changes were made in this respect.

The term of Doug Dunn will expire at the 2015 General Meeting by which time he will have served for ten years on the Supervisory Board. In this respect, the Committee considered the composition of the Supervisory Board and concluded its recommendation to the Supervisory Board to nominate Doug Dunn for reappointment for a term of a further two years, meaning that he will have served twelve years in total. The composition of the Management Board was also discussed.