The Supervisory Board reviewed and discussed its own functioning, as well as that of its members, its committees and the Chairman. During this meeting the Management Board was not present but had been requested to provide feedback. The evaluation of the Chairman was discussed by the entire Supervisory Board, without the Chairman present. In preparation for these discussions, the members of the Supervisory Board and Management Board provided feedback through a written assessment. The assessment included reviews of the composition and expertise of the Supervisory Board, its time management, effectiveness, dynamics and succession planning. The Supervisory Board's overview of the company's strategy, human resources management, risk management and internal controls was also reviewed.

The Supervisory Board was very positive about the organisation of the meetings, its agenda setting, effectiveness and strategic overview. The dynamics between the Management Board and the Supervisory Board was perceived as transparent. The improvement made with regard to gaining insights into the constantly changing landscape in which TomTom operates was welcomed by the Supervisory Board. In order to be kept more up-to-date on the actual functioning of new technologies and products, the Supervisory Board requested that demonstrations of such innovations would feature regularly on the agenda for 2015.

The Supervisory Board intends to bring in a third-party to assess its functioning every three years; the next such occasion being in 2015.